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New Boilers Emerge More Efficient, Accessible, and Intelligent; Modularity and Low Emissions are also Gaining Steam

February 22, 2016

Excerpts from Article

Nearly 61,000 HVAC industry representatives enjoyed sun and reasonable temperatures as the 2016 AHR Expo rolled into Orlando, Florida. Preliminary numbers show that more than 18,254 exhibitor personnel welcomed 42,672 visitors.

Rakesh Zala, vice president of product engineering for packaged boiler systems at Cleaver-Brooks, said increasing boiler efficiency and reducing emissions will continue to drive product developers with the goal of achieving sub-5 ppm NOx. “I also anticipate growth in the hydronic boiler market, particularly large condensing units. We have seen several new construction projects during the past year where large condensing units between 4,000 MBtu and 10,000 MBtu were specified.”

Cleaver-Brooks introduced the Dryback Elite Special 1,000-hp boiler, which is engineered to fit inside a 40-foot container. The unit has been fully tested and proven to achieve 81 percent efficiency when operating at 125 psig. The Dryback Elite Special was designed using rifled tubes and an integral front head 30-ppm burner and operates on natural gas and No. 2 oil.

Source: The ACHR News