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Electric Boiler was Right Choice for Tillamook Creamery-Reduced Manufacturer’s Fuel Consumption by 80%

Case Study

  • Company: Tillamook Creamery
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Location: Tillamook, Oregon
  • Profile: High oil prices drove TCCA to explore alternatives to fuel.
  • Challenge: No gas line was available since Tillamook Creamery was between the Pacific Ocean and a mountainous region.
  • Solution: An electric boiler was the best option for steam generation.
  • Results: Reduction in diesel consumption and emissions by 80%.

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), a farming cooperative located in Tillamook, Ore., has been providing quality dairy products for more than 100 years. While cheddar cheese accounts for nearly 85% of its dairy products, Tillamook also manufactures ice cream, yogurt, butter, sour cream, dried whey and many other flavors of cheese. Its facility runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week to produce 78 million pounds of cheese and other products for distribution worldwide.

TCCA’s former boiler room consisted of two 700 HP firetube boilers that burned No. 2 oil. The instability of oil prices was driving up TCCA’s energy costs, and management began to explore its options. Being located in Tillamook, nestled between the Pacific Coast mountain range and the ocean, limited TCCA’s options. The surrounding landscape, although beautiful, acts as a geographical barrier for utility delivery for the manufacturing process. There is no natural gas pipeline penetrating Tillamook’s mountainous region.  

TCCA settled on electricity as the best option for steam generation. The creamery is locally served by the “Tillamook People’s Utility District” (PUD), which delivers power generated from the “Bonneville Power Administration” (BPA). BPA is a self-funded portion of the U.S. Department of Energy based in Portland, Ore., that sells products and services at cost. 

Since the Tillamook PUD’s distribution voltage was at 25,000 V, a Cleaver-Brooks electrode boiler was the natural choice. Cleaver-Brooks is the only electrode boiler manufacturer in North America that can accept 25kV without transformation to a lower voltage. Eliminating a transformer of this size substantially reduced the cost of the overall project and simplified the installation. 

The model selected was a Cleaver-Brooks/ACME CEJS-400-150PSI-5.3MW-25kV. The boiler was installed in May 2009 and began operating on June 27, 2009, the day of Tillamook’s largest annual event, the “June Dairy Parade.” The pre-assembly and wiring completed at the factory allowed start-up for the boiler to be completed in only six days, minimizing onsite work and erection costs. 

The boiler was online and operational in time for one of the largest events in TCCA history. August 1, 2009, marked the day of celebration for the 100th anniversary of Tillamook Cheese.

Since installing the Cleaver-Brooks electric boiler, TCCA reduced diesel consumption along with corresponding emissions by 80%. According to association management, the boiler paid for itself in less than two years.