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CBND Series


  • Saturated steam
  • 10,000 to 225,000 lb/hr
  • Natural gas, #2 oil
  • Design pressure up to 1,500 psig
  • Available to less than 7 ppm NOx, Ultra-Low CO

The Cleaver-Brooks Nebraska CBND steam-ready series is a completely integrated boiler system including the watertube boiler, state-of-the-art burner, heat recovery economizer, and advanced controls. 

The CBND is designed and engineered into a single boiler package, from the air inlet to the stack outlet and the feedwater inlet to the steam nozzle outlet, along with everything you need to operate the boiler.

The important layout and configuration drawings are available with a quote, while a complete set of drawings are available soon after your order.  The upfront engineering offers an engineered boiler package that cuts weeks off of standard delivery. With a drawing available quicker, you not only get a faster delivery from Cleaver-Brooks, but you're also able to plan and manage your work faster. 


  • Completely integrated and engineered from a single source
  • Engineered integrations include watertube boiler, burner, heat recovery economizer, and controls
  • Engineering up front for shortened lead times
  • Competitively priced
  • Vast network of trained startup/service technicians


  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Emissions
  • Steam Solutions


  • Process Steam
  • Industrial Process
  • Building Heat
  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Power and Utilities
  • Refineries and Petrochemical

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Case Study

Engineering the First Steam Ready Industrial Watertube Boiler

Design engineers at Cleaver-Brooks have been making modifications to its integrated watertube boiler/burner system in order to improve productivity, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.  Building upon its proven, high-quality design, engineers have applied advanced computational fluid dynamics and mathematical modeling to optimize and standardize the boiler system.  As a result, the industry-leading, IWT system is now available on a fast-track timeline.