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Hawk 5000

For Standard Industrial Watertube Conversions

  • Save fuel
  • Parallel positioning, full metering or single point
  • Optional oxygen trim and variable-speed drive
  • Control economizers and other equipment
  • 10” color touch-screen interface, PLC-based

The Hawk 5000 is a PLC-based complete control package for industrial watertube systems requiring precise fuel-to-air ratio control with options for O2 trim and variable-speed drive controls in one integrated package. Advanced features include economizer control, draft control, and full metering options.

This complete control package is ideal for those systems requiring single point, parallel positioning or full metered control for industrial watertubes. Options are available for O2 trim, variable-speed drive, economizer control, and other boiler control requirements housed in one integrated package.
Combustion and burner management controls are integrated into the same console but maintained as separate devices to meet NFPA85 and other safety codes and requirements. The user-friendly, touch-screen interface alleviates memorizing cumbersome and complicated menu systems. The Hawk 5000’s advanced communication functions make it one of the most flexible control systems available in today’s boiler control marketplace.


  • Keeps your boiler running at peak performance year around, thus saving energy
  • New or retrofit boiler applications
  • Single-point, precision parallel positioning or full metering control
  • O2 trim option
  • Variable-speed drive option
  • Flexibility and custom applications
  • 1-, 2-, or 3-element feedwater
  • Fireye CB120E integrated burner management system


  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Emissions


  • Process Steam
  • Industrial Process
  • Building Heat
  • Sterilization
  • Humidification
  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Refineries and Petrochemical
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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