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EPA Emissions Rules For Boilers

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On December 20, 2012, EPA finalized changes to Clean Air Act standards for Area Source boilers and Major Source boilers. The final rules for Area Source boilers were published in the Federal Register on February 1, 2013. The final rules for Major Source boilers were published in the Federal Register on January 31, 2013. Publishing the rules in the Federal Register makes them official for the purpose of compliance. 

The adjustments to Area Source and Major Source rules reflect new data provided to the EPA, including additional information about real-world performance and conditions under which affected boilers operate. The basic framework for the regulations remains the same. To learn about key changes to the Area Source Rule, click here. To learn about key changes to the Major Source Rule, click here. 

To view a timeline of EPA actions pertaining to boilers, click here. 

You can determine if your facility is an Area Source or Major Source by completing Step 1. If you know your facility type, proceed to Step 2 to identify your boiler's subcategory and the required compliance actions.  

We will continue to add compliance forms and updates from the EPA as they become available. If you would like to receive notification when we post updates, please register your e-mail address below. 

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