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Step 1: Area vs. Major Source

Step 1

Determine if your facility is an Area Source or Major Source. 

A Major Source facility emits 10 or more tons per year of any single air toxic or 25 tons or more per year of any combination of air toxics. A comprehensive list of the regulated air toxics can be found on the EPA website. If your facility does not meet the criteria for a Major Source, it is considered an Area Source. 

Major Source facilities typically include:large industrial facilities (such as refineries, chemical plants, and large manufacturing plants), and large institutional facilities (such as universities)

Area Source facilities typically include: stores and malls, laundries, apartments, restaurants, hotels and motels, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, churches, amusement parks, courthouses, prisons, and small manufacturing plants.

To calculate how to estimate emissions from your facility to determine if you are a Major Source or an Area Source, consult the EPA Emission Inventory Improvement Program document, “Preferred and Alternative Methods for Estimating Air Emissions from Boilers.” Sections 4 and 5 show emissions calculation methods. 

Once you have determined whether your facility is an Area Source or Major Source, proceed to Step 2: Determine Boiler's Subcategory. 

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