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Mandatory emissions levels are obviously a critical consideration when operating a boiler room today. Since the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, stiff regulations have been in place to contain pollutant emissions and encourage air cleanup. Understanding your federal and state obligations can help ensure you make the correct decisions when it comes to maintaining and improving your boiler room’s efficiency.

Cleaver-Brooks has a dedicated Product Development Center where engineers develop leading edge technology to advance our products for tomorrow’s boiler and burner systems. With breakthrough technology, Cleaver-Brooks has attained extremely low emissions levels such as NOx levels below 5 ppm, and CO levels below 1 ppm while maintaining 30 ppm NOx.

Cleaver-Brooks offers unmatched expertise and the ability to optimize any boiler system to meet EPA requirements. Companies in the state of California have been operating under state-mandated Clean Air standards for several years, and we have been very successful in helping those customers stay compliant.

Explore our recommended products for lowering emissions.

Our Boiler Emission Guide is an excellent resource for understanding both the regulations and the specific pollutants you need to guard against, and a variety of control techniques.

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