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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Cleaver-Brooks recognizes there is a need for advanced technologies that enable a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly generation of steam and hot water, conserving the finite resources of oil and gas, while improving air quality. The company is one of only a few boiler manufacturers in the world that has a dedicated product development center committed to achieving that goal.

For years, Cleaver-Brooks has worked with customers to tailor solutions that help them to increase energy efficiency and decrease emissions levels.  With the launch of BOOSTSM in 2010, Cleaver-Brooks made it even easier for companies to justify capital investments through sound financial metrics. This customizable computer program, applicable to steam boiler systems, details the annual cost savings realized from making certain upgrades, retrofits, or replacements.

Cleaver-Brooks offers customers a number of solutions to increase energy efficiency and decrease emissions, including: optimized boiler systems, heat recovery, integrated control options, and high-efficiency burners.

By continuing to develop and encourage greener boiler room solutions, Cleaver-Brooks estimates over the next decade it will help U.S. companies save billions in fuel and facility costs, while preventing more than 100,000 tons of emissions from entering the environment.

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