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Cleaver-Brooks commitment to manufacturing the safest products has been at the forefront of our mission for more than 80 years. Our focus on manufacturing the highest quality parts, from the smallest commercial boiler part to the largest HSRG component, is what makes our boilers so safe.

As with any industrial installation, safety of the facility and that of the men and women who maintain the facility are of paramount importance. It makes sense that, despite being built to extreme standards and designed to withstand the rigors of decades of use, without the proper maintenance and precautions boiler systems can become dangerous. Statistics show that by far the largest number of preventable accidents involve the overheating of a boiler. Most of the occurrences are due to low water conditions, poor maintenance, or some combination of the two.

Cleaver-Brooks comprehensive training can augment your boiler room engineers and operations staff with the knowledge and expertise needed to maintain a safe boiler room. And naturally, our boiler room equipment is designed not only with safety, but also service and performance in mind.

Refer to the Boiler Room Guide for more on Boiler Room safety and maintenance.

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