HRSG Converts Turbine Exhaust into Steam at VA Hospital

Case Study

  • Company: VA Hospital
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Profile: VA San Diego Healthcare System provides healthcare services to veterans in southern California.
  • Challenge: Provide a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) in a limited space.
  • Solution: Cleaver-Brooks supplied a state-of-the-art HRSG to convert turbine exhaust into steam in a compact footprint.
  • Results: Provided bypass system to follow the steam demand of the hospital. Increased steam production. Single-pass watertube HRSG with top outlet provides a compact footprint.

Cleaver-Brooks was proud to be part of a project that is saving $1.7 million per year in total energy and operating costs for The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) San Diego Medical Center, one of the leading VA Medical Centers in terms of funded research. 

Sempra Energy designed and implemented this project, and will guarantee the energy cost savings during the 10-year term of the Super ESPC delivery order.

Cleaver-Brooks was selected as the HRSG vendor for the first-ever operational Solar Mercury 50.  The Solar Mercury 50 utilizes an ultra-lean premix combustion system resulting in very low NOx emissions, capable of meeting stringent San Diego air quality district emission requirements for NOx without the use of selective catalytic reduction systems.  

The Cleaver-Brooks Slant HRSG met the needs of Sempra Energy and the VA.  Space was a big concern in this project.  The Slant Series HRSG delivered high energy recovery in a small footprint.