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Go Green in the Boiler Room

Tip Sheet: June 2012

Key Facts

  • To lower emissions and increase boiler system efficiency, upgrade the burner and add/upgrade controls
  • To reduce emissions further, consider flue gas recirculation or selective catalytic reduction
  • Adding a heat recovery system that uses waste exhaust to heat a cooler water source also increases system efficiency

Upgrade your existing boiler system with the latest burner and controls technology to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.


Cleaver-Brooks recognizes there is a need for advanced technologies that enable a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly generation of steam and hot water to make boiler rooms more green. Cleaver-Brooks is one of only a few boiler manufacturers in the world that has a dedicated product development center. Located in Milwaukee, Wis., engineers in the center are dedicated to developing efficient and sustainable products.   


The engineers have developed turnkey conversions and comprehensive upgrade and retrofit capabilities that make it easy to change fuel types, lower emissions, increase boiler efficiency or bring any age system back to the manufacturer’s original specifications.   


Here are several suggestions for lowering emissions on your boiler system:   

  • Add flue gas recirculation (FGR) to reduce the formation of NOx emissions  

  • Add or upgrade controls to hold emissions as low as possible every day  

  • Upgrade the burner to bring the combustion system up to date with the lowestemissions technology available  

  • Add selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to achieve emissions requirements that are lower than the best available for boiler and combustion technology  


To increase efficiency of your boiler system, consider these options:   

  • Convert the system to a less expensive fuel type  

  • Add or upgrade controls to keep the boiler system operating at peak efficiency  

  • Upgrade the burner to one with high turndown and modulation technology to prevent energy loss from a boiler cycling in low fire  

  • Add a heat recovery system that recovers waste exhaust heat and uses it to heat a cooler water source, such as boiler feed water  


Move to a hybrid boiler system by replacing an existing steam system unit with a hot water one and upgrading the controls to current technology to better manage loads in varying seasons  

By continuing to develop and encourage greener boiler room solutions, Cleaver-Brooks estimates over the next decade, it will help U.S. companies save billions in fuel and facility costs and prevent more than 100,000 tons of emissions and particulates from entering the environment.