Boiler Systems PLUS The Next Level
R.F. MacDonald

Santa Fe Springs, CA
June 11-12, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $595

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The overall objective of this course is to build upon prior knowledge while emphasizing energy conservation, emissions reduction, system reliability, and safety. This includes a more in-depth understanding of boilers and how they can be successfully applied to various processes while saving energy through retrofitable options and control updates. The program extends out into the plant to include key components of the steam distribution and recovery piping, focusing on optimizing energy efficiency and safety.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for experienced boiler operators, seasoned maintenance personnel, and frontline supervisory staff who have previously taken the Boiler Systems PLUS 1 (Operations, Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency) course or have equivalent experience


  • Thermodynamics Review
  • Combustion Analysis: What to Monitor and How
  • Burner Technology: How it is evolving
  • Boiler Technology types and applications
  • Controls Evolution: Mechanical to Electronic
  • Steam Systems: Support, Move, Control and Return
  • Water Softeners and Dealkalizers
  • Feed Systems and Deareators
  • Pumps: How to avoid cavitation
  • Water Treatment and Chemical Injection
  • Capturing Parasitic Losses: Identifying savings in the boiler room
  • Boiler Shutdown: Isolation and Layup
  • Cutting Boilers into Cold and Hot Systems
  • Checking Boiler Safeties

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