Minimize Draft Loss Through Proper Exhaust System Design

Minimize Draft Loss Through Proper Exhaust System Design


A number of variables must be evaluated for a chimney or stack to be designed with the right amount of natural draft. Boiler inefficiency, burner shutdowns and flame ignition failure upon start-up can result from an improperly designed stack system.

In this advanced venting webinar, attendees will learn about draft calculations and economizer considerations for single-boiler layouts and common venting. Information about the various types of draft controls and draft inducers will also be covered.

Single boiler layouts
  • Draft calculations
  • Economizer considerations
  • Minimizing draft loss through design
Common venting
  • Draft calculations
  • Economizer considerations
  • Draft controls 
  • Draft inducers

Level - Intermediate


Benjamin Golino
Business Development Manager

Benjamin, has more than nine years experience in the design and sizing of prefabricated and custom-built stacks.


Earn a Certificate of Completion that can be used towards Professional Development Hours (PDH) or continuing education credits*

*Restrictions may apply. Consult your local or state requirements for more information.

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