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NATCOM Utility Burner

Utility Burner

  • Steam and hot water applications
  • 50 to 400 MMBTU
  • Natural gas, #2 and #6 oil, combination
  • Available to <30 ppm NOx, <100 ppm CO
  • Ideal for utility boilers

Years of experience and expertise allow NATCOM to meet the rigorous standards of the utility industry. Our proven Utility Burner systems provide solutions for new emissions requirements, fuel conversions, and retrofit upgrades in industrial, utility, and power boiler facilities.

By optimizing the combustion air distribution and fuel mixing dynamics using proprietary CFD software, NATCOM-patented HyperMix technology can minimize NOx, CO, and PM emissions on new or retrofit projects meeting the most demanding air permit requirements.  Burner systems can be easily adapted to any boiler arrangement and provide user-friendly operations, online adjustability, and low-maintenance features.


  • Ultra-low-NOx, CO, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and PM emissions
  • Reliable air shutter and oil atomizer retraction mechanisms
  • Stable and dependable ignition systems
  • Low maintenance design


  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Emissions


  • Power and Utilities
  • Refineries and Petrochemical

Featured Product

NATCOM Custom Control Systems

Custom-engineered control for the most complex applications

Case Study

Alternative Fuel Applications for Gain

There are a number of innovative solutions that companies have successfully implemented to improve their energy and environmental performance. Among these solutions is the combustion of alternative fuels, such as biogas refinery fuels, hydrogen and flammable liquids, to produce usable power.