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Industrial Boiler Controls

Increase efficiency and decrease fuel costs and emissions with control systems designed to get the most out of your boiler room.

Integrated Boiler Controlsarrow

Integrated Boilers Controls

Designed and optimized to make your boiler room more efficient and save you money.

Communication Systemsarrow


Transfer data from boiler controls to external building automation, SCADA, or remote monitoring systems.

Customized Industrial Controlsarrow

NATCOM Industrial Controls

Custom-designed control units to meet the needs of your specific boiler system.

Packaged Water Controlsarrow


Monitor and manage all water-related touch points, including pumps and levels.

Water Level Controlsarrow


Imperative for safety, our user-friendly interface allows for easy management of low water cutoff and pump control.

Stand Alone Controlsarrow

Stand Alone Controls

Quickly improve burner performance and achieve maximum efficiency. User- friendly setup and operation.