Cleaver-Brooks | Stand Alone Boiler Burner Controls

Stand Alone Controls

Achieve maximum burner efficiency with our stand-alone control products. With their user-friendly setup and operation, these controls will improve burner performance quickly and easily.

CB Accu-Draft

Quick ViewCB Accu-Draft
Stand Alone Draft
  • Steam or hot water applications
  • Draft stack control
  • Precise control
  • Stand-alone control
  • Easy to set up

The Cleaver-Brooks Accu-Draft is a stand-alone, stack draft control system designed to maintain stack draft on set point throughout the firing range of the boiler.

CB Accu-Trim

Quick ViewCB Accu-TrimStand Alone O2 Trim Control
  • Steam or hot water applications
  • Saves fuel
  • Oxygen trim control
  • Stand-alone
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