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BOOSTSM (Boiler Operation Optimization Savings Test) is a proprietary boiler room analysis tool that determines the exact upgrades and accessories your existing boiler system needs to increase efficiency to its absolute maximum and decrease emissions. The tool generates a customized financial report that details the cost savings in real numbers, so you can prove it is the right thing to do.  

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How BOOST Works

BOOST uses key operating metrics from your existing boiler room to develop a baseline analysis of how efficiently your boiler room is operating in its current state. The program then evaluates various energy savings upgrades and accessories to determine how much energy can be saved by performing different combinations of upgrades. The tool then compares the cost of the upgrades with the energy savings and develops a detailed financial report.

The Financial Report

BOOST uses key financial metrics, Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Payback to prove the proposed upgrades are right for your facility. It even looks at after-tax dollars, if applicable, to provide the most realistic and rigid analysis. Not only does the report detail the financial performance of the entire project, it also looks at the financial performance of each individual upgrade, so you have real data to determine which upgrade to complete first.

Download a sample BOOST report or webinar on BOOST to see how financial metrics will help unlock the savings potential of your boiler room.

Case Study: Indian Summer Reduces Fuel Expense 32% by Installing New Boiler System  

Indian Summer initally wanted to repair their current system, but changed their mind once a BOOST comparitive analysis proved to be financially beneficial with a replacement. 

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Conducting BOOST

A BOOST analysis can only be performed by an authorized Cleaver-Brooks representative. The process is simple – call any of our local representatives and ask to schedule a free BOOST analysis. Basic information can be collected over the phone and the remainder of the necessary information will be collected by the representative during the assessment site visit.

To get a head start on your BOOST report, complete our BOOST Information Form and email it to