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Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrades & Retrofits

Turnkey conversions and comprehensive upgrade and retrofit capabilities from our world-class engineering staff make it easy to change fuel types, lower emissions, increase boiler efficiency, or bring any age system back to the manufacturer’s original specifications. Whatever advantage or benefit you may need, Cleaver-Brooks has the solution and dedicated aftermarket team to help you engineer and implement it. Learn more about the solutions we offer below, and then contact your local rep today to start developing a program that’s right for you.

View our Aftermarket Upgrades and Retrofit brochure or the ProFire Burner Retrofit brochure to learn more.

Change Fuel Type

Changing the type of fuel your boiler or burner system fires can have a significant impact on fuel cost savings. Expanding the range of fuels the system is able to utilize can also enhance the operational capabilities of your system. With these advantages in mind, Cleaver-Brooks takes great care in designing and engineering our fuel equipment upgrades. Our fuel conversion kits are built to work seamlessly with your existing system, allowing you to reap the benefits sooner. Learn more about our Fuel Conversion Kit solutions and how changing fuel types could be the right solution for your boiler room.

Lower Fuel Costs

Cleaver-Brooks offers solutions to lowering fuel costs for every boiler room and application. From brand-new boilers to burners, and controls to heat recovery, we can help you engineer a custom solution that meets your needs. Our proprietary BOOSTSM program can also help by showing you the exact upgrades your system needs to help lower fuel costs, and provide the numbers to back it up. Learn more about our exclusive BOOST program and see the solutions we offer to lower fuel costs.

Lower Emissions

Lowering boiler room emissions can be tricky. Whether for a sustainability effort or the result of a government mandated emissions program, look to Cleaver-Brooks to help. We have long been the leader in offering low- and ultra-low-emissions solutions that are right for any application. Our aftermarket solutions team will work with you to design a retrofit solution utilizing our NATCOM and ProFire® burners to achieve ultra low emissions. If a burner retrofit is not the answer, we offer an array of turnkey low-emissions boilers. See the benefits the CBEX Elite Firetube, CBND Industrial Watertube, Flexible Watertube and ClearFire®-C condensing boiler can offer you as solutions for lowering emissions in your boiler room.


Cleaver-Brooks offers a complete line of burners, both industrial and commercial, for retrofit applications. Designed for maximum efficiency and low emissions, we have the right burner solution for virtually any boiler room and application. Take advantage of our extensive engineering know-how and vast aftermarket support network, and let us help you choose the burner retrofit solution that’s right for your needs. See the advantages each of our burners offers, and then contact your local rep today to learn more.


Advanced, integrated, boiler system controls are often the boiler room upgrade that yields the highest return. Take the guesswork out of keeping your boiler room running at peak efficiency year-round with our integrated control systems. Cleaver-Brooks has turnkey control solutions for every boiler room and application, each designed to help you save on fuel costs and maintain emissions levels. Built and optimized to work specifically with our systems, the right solution can help you get up and running quickly and start saving you money in no time. Learn more about our integrated boiler system control productsand find your solution today.

Heat Recovery

Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by recovering waste heat or steam and using it for other system applications. The recovered heat and steam can be recycled to be used as-is, or used to heat new feedwater, saving fuel and money. Fuel use and associated costs can also be reduced by recovering heat from flue gases that would otherwise be wasted, with a stack economizer. This heat can then be used to preheat boiler feedwater.Learn more about the advantages heat recovery can give you


With our proprietary BOOST report, we can help you determine the exact upgrades and accessories your existing boiler system needs to achieve maximum efficiency and decrease emissions. By installing the right burners, controls, and heat recovery equipment, you can realize substantial savings immediately. You’ll also get a comprehensive financial report detailing the cost savings in real numbers, giving you the support you need to prove it’s the right thing to do. No one else has BOOST, and no one else makes the accessories and components engineered specifically to operate together at peak efficiency. We know you want to make the most of every dollar, and we can help. Learn more about the benefits of BOOST, and see how you can start saving today.