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Boilermate® Deaerator

Model BM

  • 1,500 - 135,000 Lbs/hr.
  • Steam applications

The Boilermate® deaerator is a pressurized packed column, low maintenance system designed to remove dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water and eliminate carbon dioxide.

A typical deaerator package includes the packed column and storage tank mounted on a stand of appropriate height along with all operating controls, feed pumps assembled and piped (typically knocked down for shipment and field assembly).

The Boilermate deaerator economically effects oxygen removal through a design that is trouble free in performance.


  • Two-Stage Deaeration in a Common Vessel
  • Self-Cleaning Water Spray Valve
  • Removable Water Spray Inlet Assembly
  • Pressurized Tank Reduces Flashing and Minimal Venting
  • Variety of Tank Sizes to Handle Volume-Swings in Condensate Return

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