Cleaver-Brooks Reduces Fuel Costs Significantly for Borden Chemical

Case Study

  • Company: Borden Chemical
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Geismar, Louisiana
  • Profile: Borden supplies a variety of specialty chemicals to numerous industries across the globe.
  • Challenge: Borden Chemcial was searching for a way to utilize a byproduct of their industrial processes, low-BTU gas (85 BTU/cu.ft.), as a fuel source to reduce operating costs.
  • Solution: Cleaver-Brooks developed a state-of-the-art integrated boiler/burner system that utilizes low-BTU process gas available at only 1.7 psig.
  • Results: Fuel costs are signficantly reduced by firing low-BTU gas. Custom-designed fuel train provides reliable operation with only 1.7psig inlet pressure.


This client requested a packaged boiler/burner system that was able to burn a process byproduct (tail gas) with a relatively low heating value (85 BTU/cu.ft.). Compounding the challenges of burning this fuel was the fact that this gas was only available at 1.5 psig. NATCOM developed a burner for firing into a refractory lined chamber, using a center core tail gas stabilizer injector. A Class II natural gas ignitor was used as sustaining fuel to insure safe, stable operation when confronted with potential fluctuations in fuel BTU value and pressures. Main tail gas was injected via two separate zones to insure proper fuel/air mixing.

The burner was also provided with provisions for future natural gas firing to 100% capacity. Control strategy was fully metered, cross limited with O2 trim and for natural gas and tail gas firing.

Today, Cleaver-Brooks’ unique approach to this project continues to provide cost savings to the customer.