Cleaver-Brooks Provides More Than $500,000 per Year Savings for the Denver Federal Center

Case Study

  • Company: Denver Federal Center
  • Industry: Commercial Heating
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Profile: The Denver Federal Center, a 4-million square foot campus, implemented a pilot project to reduce boiler fuel consumption in one of the campus' larger buildings. The project was managed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).
  • Challenge: The Energy Policy Act of 2005 required all federal agencies to reduce their annual energy consuption by 2%; in 2008, that percentage increased to 3%.
  • Solution: Replace existing boilers with highly efficient steam and hot water modula firetube boilers. Retrofit existing units with high-efficiency burners and advanced control technology.
  • Results: Annual emission reduction of 2,455 tons of CO2 and 438 ton of NOx. Annual fuel-cost savings of nearly $400,000. Annual tax payer savings of $180,000 in fuel costs. Reduced natural gas consumption by 9.5%.

In order to maintain energy compliance, the Denver Federal Center (DFC) challenged the campus management, and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), to reduce boiler fuel consumption in a major building. If results were successful, the project was expected to expand campus wide.

The DFC energy team and GSA looked to the Thomas B. Mansfield Co., the local Cleaver-Brooks representative, to create a comprehensive solution that included the following:

  • Nine (9) model CFC Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire firetube condensing boilers
  • Six (6) Model CFH Cleaver Brooks ClearFire steam boilers
  • Four (4) 200 HP Cleaver-Brooks firetube boiler replacements featuring Hawk ICS advanced control systems integrated with the existing building automation system
  • Five (5) existing boilers retrofitted with Cleaver-Brooks ProFire burners with C-B Hawk ICS control systems

Answer: Increased efficiency and high turndown burners allowed the boilers to run only when necessary and still maintain the proper load.

The ClearFire® model CFC fully condensing hot water units allowed the customer to remove their 3-way valves used for assuring minimum return temperatures, now letting the return water to drop without concern, encouraging full condensing. As the temperature dropped outside, requiring additional capacity, a sequencing device brought additional boilers on line to satisfy increasing demand. “Operators love them because they are easy to maintain, run quietly and are dependable”, said John Mansfield with Thomas B. Mansfield Co. In two of the buildings which previously used flextube boilers, the Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire® model CFH boilers replaced these because of a smaller footprint and higher turndown burners which increased their efficiency while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

In other buildings, Bryan hot water flextube boilers were retrofitted with ProFire® model H and D linkageless burners with Hawk ICS advanced controls. This provided higher turndown and repeatability while increasing their efficiency and reducing their electrical usage. High turndown burners allow the user to reduce fuel consumption.