ClearFire®-V Boiler Helps Madison Cleaners Save 40% in Fuel Costs

Case Study

  • Company: Madsion Cleaners
  • Industry: Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Location: Madsion, NJ
  • Profile: When in the market for a new boiler, Mr. Yoon-Jung Kang desired a boiler that would yield fuel savings.
  • Challenge: Replace an existing boiler with a more efficient model to cut the cost of escalating energy bills.
  • Solution: Install a Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-V high efficiency boiler to decrease operational costs.
  • Results: A 40% drop in boiler fuel costs almost immediately.

Madison Cleaners in Madison, N.J., processes approximately 30,000 garments per week. Mr. Yoon-Jung Kang, president of Madison Cleaners, was not in the market for a new boiler; however, once he learned about the benefits of the Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-V (CFV) boiler, he decided to purchase one.

Mr. Kang was most impressed by the fuel savings the CFV could provide. By replacing his current boiler with the CFV, he would save approximately 40% in fuel costs. The design of the CFV is what makes it fuel efficient. It is constructed with patented AluFer® tubes, has full burner modulation and achieves high turndown via a variable speed blower. 

In 2011, Mr. Kang purchased a 15 HP ClearFire-V boiler. His previous boiler was 10 HP, so Mr. Kang was able to increase capacity without increasing operational costs. In fact, the new boiler enabled Mr. Kang to significantly reduce his operational costs. He saw a 40% drop in his fuel costs almost immediately. Mr. Kang added, “Previously, I was paying $900 for fuel. Now I pay between $500 and $600 for fuel.”

Mr. Kang emphasizes the importance of water treatment for proper boiler operation. He installed a water softener with built-in scale remover and changes the filter on a monthly basis. Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from the water. This process prevents scale from building up and helps a boiler remain efficient throughout its life.  

“Nobody else in the industry with a small boiler has a pre-mix burner.  It’s one of the best burners.”

—Tom Ustanik, co-owner of Lansing Cleaners

Every day, Mr. Kang adds a chemical feed and conducts a routine blow down procedure. Twice a year, he cleans the boiler pressure vessel with scale remover. Mr. Kang said he is able to judge the condition of the pressure vessel with a visual inspection, which he does during the descaling procedure. On an annual basis, he conducts a waterside inspection through the handholes for easy access.  

Mr. Kang said he has always focused on quality, which has earned Madison Cleaners a very good reputation among its customers. “I am very impressed by the high steam quality of the CFV, which has enabled me to continue providing the quality service my customers expect.  In addition, the steady steam pressure of the CFV has further reduced my operation time and labor costs.”