Sly Fox Brewery Selects Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-H Boiler

Case Study

  • Company: Sly Fox Brewing Company
  • Industry: Brewing
  • Location: Pottstown, Penn
  • Profile: The boiler in a Sly Fox brewery failed after four years due to a leak in the pressure vessel
  • Challenge: Replace the boiler with a dependable one that offers better accessibility for maintenance
  • Solution: The ClearFire®-H boiler reliably delivers high-quality steam and has a hinged door for fi reside access
  • Results: The boiler is dependable, easy to maintain and has reduced operational costs

Sly Fox Brewing Company, headquartered in Pottstown, Penn., is well known throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for its award-winning brews and support of outdoor enthusiasts. The brewery was founded in 1995, and just over a decade later, it became the fi rst craft brewery in the Mid-Atlantic region to install a canning line.

Brewmaster Brian O’Reilly joined Sly Fox in 2002, overseeing the facility’s original brewery in Phoenixville, Penn. Through the years, Sly Fox has continued to grow, expanding its distribution and earning multiple medals from the Great American Beer Festival.

In 2012, Sly Fox opened a second brewery in Pottstown in a 30,000-square-foot location with a production capacity of 30,000 barrels. For its new brewery, Sly Fox purchased a 100-HP boiler, but after four years, the boiler failed due a leak in the pressure vessel.

Due to the projected repair expense, O’Reilly decided that replacing the boiler would be more cost effective. He knew that Cleaver-Brooks was the largest boiler manufacturer in America but was not familiar with its ClearFire®-H (CFH) boiler, designed for brewery and light industrial applications.

Several features of the CFH impressed O’Reilly, including the boiler’s advanced Falcon control with high turndown modulation and its integrated lead/lag function. In a multiple boiler system, the lead/lag function sequences and modulates the boilers, thereby optimizing the system’s operating effi ciency, delivering consistent steam pressure, and excellent steam quality while minimizing energy-wasting short cycling.

Offered as an add-on to most boiler controls, lead/lag is integrated into the Cleaver-Brooks Falcon control. The Falcon control also manages burner sequencing, trending, flame safety, modulation, and alarms, among other diagnostics with a color touchscreen interface.

The Falcon control includes a boiler monitor so brewers can access information about their boilers simultaneously via a mobile app. Another benefi t of the boiler monitor is that it sends an alert in real time when a boiler needs attention.