CBIL2F: 2" ceramic fiber double wall stack

Positive Pressure Boiler Vents

  • Male/female slip-type jointing system
  • Laser welding
  • Stainless steel material
  • Industrial, institutional and commercial application


CBIL2F model Industrial Positive Pressure is a double wall stainless steel chimney with 2" ceramic insulation. This chimney is UL listed for positive pressure applications up to 60" water column.


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  • Male/female slip-type jointing system
  • Inner wall standard 316L or 304 2B stainless steel (20 - gauge 6" to 40" & 18ga 42” to 48” diameter)
  • Outer wall: standard 316L, 304 2B stainless steel or aluminized steel (24 gauge - 6" to 40" diameter; 20 gauge - 42" to 48" diameter)
  • Full range of accessories including elbows, fittings guides and supports
  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete engineering
  • Laser welding


Our exclusive Male to Female Jointing System allows the parts of all models to fit into one another, thus eliminating the need for all kind of adapters and providing flexibility in your stack selection.


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