Complete Boiler Solutions

Integrated energy solutions designed to increase efficiency
Cleaver-Brooks offers customers a number of solutions to increase energy efficiency and decrease emissions including: optimized boiler systems, heat recovery, integrated control options, and high-efficiency burners. 
Plan and Design Plan and Design
Plan and Design
Asset Lifecycle Phase I

Plan and Design

This phase is predominantly focused on understanding the needs, goals and available options that will satisfy the requirements to achieve the goals. Items typically reviewed would be the type of medium (steam or hot water) application, equipment requirements, the scope of work definition, and goals of the project. 
Procure, Build and Commission Procure, Build and Commission
Procure, Build and Commission
Asset Lifecycle Phase II

Procure, Build and Commission

This phase is predominantly focused on initiating the purchase of the desired equipment, monitoring the manufacturing process, and successfully executing the start-up of the equipment on the end-user’s site.
Operate and Maintain Operate and Maintain
Operate and Maintain
Asset Lifecycle Phase III

Operate and Maintain

This phase is generally the longest period of time since the expectation is that the equipment will be operating for decades to come. The primary focus of activity during this phase is on proper operation, care, maintenance, and ensuring optimized performance. 
Renew or Replace Renew or Replace
Renew or Replace
Asset Lifecycle Phase IV

Renew or Replace

This phase incorporates the consideration and assessment of the remaining time period that the equipment will perform and provide meaningful use to the facility. The primary focus of activities during this phase is to determine whether the equipment’s life may be extended or if ultimately replacement is necessary.


Optimize Your Boiler Plant

Operate Successfully

Boiler Plant Optimization

The Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Plant Optimization (BPO) programs are a variety of reviews and assessments focusing on areas of improvement within the operation of the boiler plant. Each program concentrates on Efficiency, Sustainability, Reliability and Safety. 

Connected Boiler Solutions

Remote Performance Monitoring

Plant personnel today work in a challenging environment. They are held responsible for reducing maintenance costs, driving efficiencies, and extending the asset lifecycle. By reviewing real-time data, they can make quicker and more educated decisions.