Plan and Design

Asset Lifecycle Phase I

Plan and Design

Phase I of Asset Lifecycle Management in a boiler plant is Plan and Design. This phase is predominantly focused on understanding the needs, goals and available options that will satisfy the requirements to achieve the goals. Items typically reviewed would be the type of medium (steam or hot water) application, equipment requirements, scope of work definition and goals of the project. Engineers are often looking for equipment information to develop specifications and better understand proper application of the equipment. Installing contractors will be interested in the specifications, drawings and installation guidelines. End-users would be focusing on understanding all the options available to them including equipment and option comparisons relative to efficiencies, reliability, safety and sustainability features. This phase originates with the “Need Definition” step and continues on to the “Order Placement” step.

Cleaver-Brooks offers the following in the Plan and Design phase:

  • Specifications
  • Engineering assistance
  • Application awareness and design assistance
  • Total Cost of Ownership guidance
  • Technical documentation:
    • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
    • General arrangement drawings
    • Dimensional drawings
    • 3D models
    • Cut sheets
  • Procurement and CAPEX planning
  • Boiler Operations Optimization Savings Test (BOOST)
  • Terms and conditions of sale
  • Boiler rentals 
  • Risk mitigation


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