Industrial Boiler Rentals

Rent from the boiler system experts
Renting a high-efficiency, low-emissions boiler system from Cleaver-Brooks provides your company a cost-effective, short-term solution to meet your steam or hot water demands. A rental boiler from Cleaver-Brooks ensures your facility continues to operate reliably and safely no matter the situation.

Boiler Rentals

Any Boiler, Any Size, Any Time

Whether you require a temporary boiler for an emergency outage or long-term project, we have the inventory, the expertise and a quick-response team to deliver superior solutions fast.

24/7 Emergency Boiler Rentals 24/7 Emergency Boiler Rentals
24/7 Emergency Boiler Rentals
Emergency Support

24/7 Emergency Boiler Rentals

Cleaver-Brooks and the Cleaver-Brooks Representatives Association (CBRA) are committed to providing high-quality emergency boiler support. Our wide-ranging representation allows us to offer emergency boiler rentals and services to get your plant or boiler room back online as quickly as possible. Our industry-leading support team of trained experts is available 24/7 for your emergency boiler rental needs.

We Provide Nationwide We Provide Nationwide
We Provide Nationwide
National and Local Service

We Provide Nationwide

Our service area covers all of the United States and Canada. No matter where you are, our agile, knowledgeable and dependable reps can help in a boiler emergency. From large metropolitan cities to small rural villages, there’s a Cleaver-Brooks local representative available to serve your needs – anywhere.

Trust the Boiler Experts for Planning Your Boiler Rental Trust the Boiler Experts for Planning Your Boiler Rental
Trust the Boiler Experts for Planning Your Boiler Rental
Rental Solutions

Trust the Boiler Experts for Planning Your Boiler Rental

Our rental solutions provide for: capacity increases, peak demand, plant or steam outages, equipment shutdown due to inspection, retrofit or repair, and redundancy or disaster response contingency plan. We also provide preventive maintenance plans, flexible rental or leasing options to bridge capacity needs while planning new equipment purchases, retrofits or repair.

Be prepared for anything.


Have a plan in place before the emergency happens.

Have you thought about what to do if your area is hit with a major storm or natural disaster?
Talk to a Cleaver-Brooks representative to make an emergency plan so you don’t lose steam or hot water for any reason.

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Cleaver-Brooks offers a three-step approach to optimize your boiler plant, utilizing the four cornerstones of Boiler Plant Optimization: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability.

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We offer Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Maintenance programs designed to maintain optimum performance, improve system reliability, extend equipment life, and minimize the risk of a system failure. 

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Boilers that have been exposed to flood conditions may be restored to a safe operating condition by taking a number of essential steps.  Learn more about emergency boiler recovery after hurricanes and extreme weather.