Operate and Maintain

Asset Lifecycle Phase III

Operate and Maintain

Phase III of Asset Lifecycle Management in a boiler plant is Operate and Maintain. This phase is generally the longest period of time since the expectation is that the equipment will be operating for decades to come. The primary focus of activity during this phase is on proper operation, care, maintenance and ensuring optimized performance.  The two primary parties involved in this phase are the end-user and the service provider. It is extremely important to ensure the service provider possesses the proper training and certification from the original equipment provider (OEM) to provide service and repairs to the equipment. Proper documentation, training of operators, preventive maintenance and proper operation all lead to a long, reliable life with high performance of the equipment. This phase originates with “Customer Acceptance” and continues on to “End of Useful Life.”

Cleaver-Brooks offers the following in the Operate and Maintain phase:

  • Monitoring, managing for improvement with Prometha
  • Preventive maintenance programs (annually, quarterly, monthly)
  • Operational standards and key performance indicators
  • Service level agreements
  • Spare parts, inventory management
  • Understanding boiler rentals, risk mitigation
  • Boiler Plant Optimization overview, assessments
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Continuous education programs
  • Service and warranty
  • Purchasing options:
    • Authorized sales and service representatives
    • Register a project
    • E-commerce
    • Become a strategic account



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Cleaver-Brooks has a dedicated Training Department offering web-based programs, custom on-site programs at the customer's facility, and programs held at Cleaver-Brooks facilities.

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Plant personnel today work in a challenging environment. They are held responsible for reducing maintenance costs, driving efficiencies, and extending asset lifecycles.

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We offer Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Maintenance programs designed to maintain optimum performance, improve system reliability, extend equipment life, and minimize the risk of a system failure.