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One healthcare campus put a cogeneration system online and is taking the equivalent of 2,640 gasoline-powered cars off the road annually. Learn how Cleaver-Brooks boiler solutions can best meet your low carbon and NOx emissions goals.

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Today’s industry-leading companies are committed to environmental responsibility. Those that do not have a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will increasingly find that they will pay a steep price, both financially and socially.
  • We can identify emissions-reduction opportunities and drive strategies to help meet your environmental goals or tighter regulations.
  • We lead the industry in technical innovations. Our engineers designed the CBEX, the lowest emissions firetube boiler ever built, and a line of ClearFire® hydronic boilers that feature sub-20 ppm NOx as standard, 9 ppm NOx optional (some even 7 ppm NOx).
  • As a part of the EPA’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership, we educate companies about CHP solutions that provide low-emissions energy while supporting renewable integration.
Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions
Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions
Brochure Available

Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions

Due to a heightened awareness of environmental issues and their impact on future generations, sustainability is a key focus for most companies around the world today. The Cleaver-Brooks Sustainability brochure details environmentally responsible steps companies can take toward a low-carbon economy. The brochure identifies key drivers, a range of solutions, and equipment recommendations to guide companies in achieving their sustainability goals. 

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Featured Customer Story

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Yahoo replaced boilers in eight buildings with low NOx, high-efficiency CFC-E condensing ones to meet regulations of sub-30 ppm NOx. The increase in boiler efficiency reduced gas consumption and operating costs.

Featured Technical Webinar

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This webinar will explore the special fuels that can reduce emissions such as biogas, hydrogen and amber oil. Technologies such as flue gas recirculation will also be discussed along with the latest in advanced controls and burners.

Featured White Paper

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Are you interested in learning more about alternative fuel projects, particularly green steam? This white paper will discuss the importance of understanding how hydrogen firing affects duct burners and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) design, performance, and emissions.


Emissions Reduction Solutions