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Boilers for Education

Cleaver-Brooks designs boiler solutions that provide reliable heating for K-12 schools. Cleaver-Brooks offers condensing and firetube models, both of which are best-in-class in safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

Objectively Evaluate Your Boiler System

According to the National Resources Defense Council, replacing every school boiler in the U.S. would lower carbon emissions by 30 percent while saving schools an estimated $425 million. In recent years, many educational facilities have replaced their boilers with highly efficient condensing ones, which produce minimal emissions for a cleaner environment.

Upgrading older boiler systems increases efficiency, which can result in significant cost savings. With these savings, you can allocate more money per pupil.


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How Do I Reduce Boiler Emissions?

Cleaver-Brooks hydronic condensing boilers are the smart, trusted source of heating in schools across North America. We offer several condensing models, including the ClearFire®-CE (CFC-E) that achieves up to 99% efficiency, reducing operating costs. Its burner design offers inherent low emissions with <20 ppm NOx standard for a cleaner environment.

The Cleaver-Brooks CBEX firetube boiler is another popular choice among K-12 schools aiming to increase system efficiency and reduce emissions. The CBEX has the highest operating efficiency of any firetube and meets the lowest possible NOx emissions on the path to decarbonization.

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The mechanical foreman for Springfield Schools sought to standardize boiler systems throughout the district's 24 schools. He wanted a reliable condensing boiler that met the district's efficiency and component standardization goals. The ClearFire® line of boilers checked all the boxes.

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Boiler systems today are engineered to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Condensing boilers are a popular option because they recover energy that otherwise would be discharged out the boiler stack, enabling them to achieve more than 90% efficiency when operated with the proper conditions.

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Industry 4.0 continues to sweep through industry, constantly penetrating and changing new areas of plant operations. That change has finally come to the boiler room. Cleaver-Brooks has launched its Prometha® IoT-connected boiler solution, which provides actionable insights into your boiler operation.

Need Help with Finding the Right Boiler Solution for Your School? Need Help with Finding the Right Boiler Solution for Your School?
Need Help with Finding the Right Boiler Solution for Your School?

Need Help with Finding the Right Boiler Solution for Your School?

Count on Cleaver-Brooks to meet the heating and hot water needs of your K-12 school or school system.

Contact your local Cleaver-Brooks representative to discuss a safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable boiler room solution for your facility.