CHP 101 – the Basics of Combined Heat and Power

CHP 101 – the Basics of Combined Heat and Power


Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, has been growing in popularity throughout the U.S. and the world due to its efficiency, reliability and environmental benefits.

Learn the What, Where, Why and How of Combined Heat and Power during this exclusive webinar including the best types of facilities for the technogoly and strategies to help gain support for a CHP project.

  • What is CHP?
  • Where can CHP be implemented?
  • Why is CHP such a hot topic?
  • How can a CHP project gain traction and move forward?

Level - Intermediate


Kimberly Garcia
HRSG Sales Manager

Kimberly Garcia, is the HRSG Sales Manager for Cleaver-Brooks.


Earn a Certificate of Completion that can be used towards Professional Development Hours (PDH) or continuing education credits*

*Restrictions may apply. Consult your local or state requirements for more information.

"Excellent summary of CHP. The comparison of various technologies was the most interesting." 

"The presentation was very well done and a great primer on CHP."