Steam Applications, Terminology and How to Achieve Best Results

Steam Applications, Terminology and How to Achieve Best Results


Many terms are used to describe steam in different applications and industries. As a result, sometimes steam is not described correctly or used in the proper application, which can impact plant safety, reliability and efficiency.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how the industry defines steam from utility, saturated and superheated to filtered and clean. Applications for the various steam types will be covered along with operation best practices.

  • Understanding and defining steam
  • Applications for different types of steam
  • How to get the best results


Level: Intermediate 


Sean Lobdell
Director of Sales, Packaged Boilers




Kelly Paffel
Technical Manager
Inveno Engineering LLC

Kelly Paffel has over 40 years of experience in steam and power operations and is an experienced lecturer who has published many technical papers on the topics of steam system design and operation.


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