Why Ultra-High Turndown Is Bad For Hydronic Condensing Boilers



For optimized system efficiency, matching boiler and pump turndown is critical to maintain the delta T and maximize efficiency. In this intermediate webinar, attendees will learn more about:

  • Boiler combustion basics
  • Burner excess air and the effect on condensing boiler efficiency
  • Maintaining design delta T to maximize system efficiency


Level - Intermediate


Catie VanWormer
Engineering Manager - Packaged Boiler Systems

Catie, P.E., LEED AP, has worked as a mechanical consulting engineer with experience in HVAC design for a variety of industries.


Earn a Certificate of Completion that can be used towards Professional Development Hours (PDH) or continuing education credits*

*Restrictions may apply. Consult your local or state requirements for more information.

"Nicely organized presentation! Charts and relationships between 02 and dew point and efficiency were clear and informative." 

"Excellent webinar, simplified a complex topic and made it understandable."