IoT-Powered Solutions for the Boiler Room

For every minute a boiler system is down, facility costs exponentially increase, and business outcomes are impacted. IoT solutions for the boiler room enable a boiler operator or maintenance technician to remotely view key performance indicators on a smart device. Utilizing IoT for the boiler room, a facility can optimize system performance as well as recognize and address vulnerabilities that can lead to equipment failure and unplanned downtime.



Rakesh Zala, Vice President of Product Engineering, Packaged Boiler Systems

Terry Conger, Prometha Product Manager


During times like these, smart technology can keep critical systems operational. With IoT for the boiler room, functions such as boiler management, which generally need to be overseen in person, can now be monitored remotely, or at a minimum by fewer people.

There are many benefits of IoT for the boiler room, including reliability. Robust IoT solutions monitor key equipment performance indicators, and if one goes outside the acceptable range as specified by the OEM, an alert or alarm notifies the operator. Ensuring a safe work environment is critical for plant personnel. IoT-powered devices readily detect conditions that can lead to equipment failure and provide an alert when a monitored component is out of range. IoT devices also help streamline operations and increase efficiency. 

In addition, IoT-connected boilers can provide actionable insights into many key performance indicators such as stack temperature, flame signal strength, and oxygen level to name a few. Trend reports generated by IoT device  can help an operator identify ways to optimize the boiler system. They can also indicate the escalation of an issue.  

It is also important to note that there are more than 250 points on a boiler system.  Data scientists are collecting this data and using algorithms to study how various factors interact and what factors influence or trigger one data point versus another. Insight gleaned from these algorithms will help make boiler system equipment safer and more reliable while also more effectively predicting maintenance intervals.

There are more than 250 data points on a boiler system that can be monitored. The value of collecting these data points over time is that they will better optimize boiler system operation and more effectively predict failures as well as maintenance intervals.

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