Paper Company Counts on the CBEX Boiler for High Efficiency and Ultra Low Emissions

One California paper company manufacturers more than 70 grades of Kraft paper and containerboard and supplies a broad range of corrugated packaging and solid fibre slip sheets to 25 countries worldwide. To provide steam for their paper corrugation and cardboard sheeting processes, the company was utilizing a 300-hp boiler.


The plant had to meet the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) requirements of <9 ppm NOx about the same time the company's ownership changed hands. 


The new owners evaluated their options and decided to purchase a new boiler to increase plant efficiency and reduce emissions.  They purchased the Cleaver-Brooks CBEX firetube boiler at a steam pressure of 175 psi. The CBEX maximizes heat transfer in the furnace radiant zone to achieve the optimum balance of high heat transfer with the lowest pressure drop. This enables the CBEX to achieve 10:1 turndown while maintaining 3% 02.

The new boiler was fire-tested at the facility and shipped as a package, ready for quick connection to utilities.  The local Cleaver-Brooks representative recommended that the plant replace its feedwater pumps to supply sufficient water for the larger capacity boiler, which they did.


Boiler installation was quick and simple. The existing boiler was removed on a Friday morning and the new CBEX boiler was up and running and fully tested in time for the plant to continue production by Tuesday morning.

Today, the paper company operates more efficiently at a higher capacity, which has reduced operating costs.  The NOx emissions source test came in at 8 ppm NOx, below the 9 ppm NOx local requirement.  Should the air quality regulations get tougher, the CBEX will be able to meet them.  The boiler is capable of achieving 5 ppm NOx.

The NOx emissions source test came in at 8 ppm NOx, below the 9 ppm NOx requirement. Should air quality emissions get tougher, the CBEX can respond. The boiler is capable of achieving 5 ppm NOx.

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