Boiler Retrofit at University Earns Praise, Improves Efficiency by 10%

Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has a full-time student population of nearly 10,000. Like many educational institutions, Mount Royal University is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and operating in an environmentally responsible way. 

Two 800-hp Cleaver-Brooks steam boilers had been running the campus for more than 35 years, and it was time to upgrade. Owen Zarazun, director of facilities operation at Mount Royal University, said, “We already had a good investment in the Cleaver-Brooks steam boilers. They are quality boilers in great condition for their age. It did not make sense to demolish a good product.”



While it was modernizing the boiler plant, the university did not want to have to displace or relocate any staff, students or programs. 


Because the boiler pressure vessels were in good shape, retrofitting was an option. Replacing the burners and adding advanced controls would increase system efficiency and reliability while also bringing the units into compliance with the local gas code. In addition, the university modernized its controls and integrated the equipment into the plant's building management system (BMS). 


Facility personnel really like the functionality of the Hawk 4000 control, especially the fact that it ties into the plant’s central BMS. The control provides plant management more information and better controllability.

Zarazun estimates that the retrofit has increased boiler efficiency by more than 10%. “Our project cost was less than what it would have been to do a boiler replacement with a similar end result,” said Zarazun. “There was also a quicker turnaround, so we realized the savings sooner.”

The project also met Mount Royal University’s goal of minimizing its impact on the environment. The plant and boiler upgrades reduced the university’s greenhouse gas emissions by 1,895 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. 

Lastly, Zarazun said, “No one on campus had a clue that were doing this project as there were zero service interruptions. This is key when working on any centralized system.”

Boiler Retrofit

“Our project cost was less than what it would have been to do a boiler replacement with a similar end result. There was also a quicker turnaround, so we realized the savings sooner.”

Owen Zarazun, Director of Facilities Operation, Mount Royal University

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