Sly Fox Brewery Replaces Failed Boiler with ClearFire-H Condensing Boiler

Sly Fox Brewing Company is well known throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for its award-winning brews and support of outdoor enthusiasts. The brewery was founded in 1995, and just over a decade later, it became the first craft brewery in the Mid-Atlantic region to install a canning line.

Sly Fox opened a second brewery in a 30,000 sq. ft. location with a production capacity of 30,000 barrels. For its new brewery, Sly Fox purchased a 100-hp boiler, but after four years, the boiler failed due to a leak in its pressure vessel. Due to the projected repair expense, Brewmaster Brian O'Reilly decided that replacing the boiler was more cost effective.


Brewmaster Brian O'Reilly wanted to replace its failed boiler with a dependable one that offered better accessibility for maintenance. He knew that Cleaver-Brooks was the largest boiler manufacturer in America, but was not familar with its ClearFire-H (CFH) boiler, designed for brewery and light industrial applications.


Sly Fox selected the CFH boiler because it reliably delivers high-quality steam, and the design of the boiler makes it easy to maintain. The burner is simple to reach because it has a hinged door for easy fireside access. In addition, O'Reilly noted, "Unlike our former boiler, there is the option of welding a tube shut in case of a leak." This is because the tubes in the CFH are installed horizontally and are completely submerged under the water and not exposed to the steam. If a tube should fail, it can be individually replaced. 


Installation was quick and easy, enabling the brewery to rapidly transition production. O'Reilly said, "We are happy with the Cleaver-Brooks boiler. It is reliable and runs well." He also added that the brewery's previous boiler had a very large power burner so the facility's electric bills have decreased. The amount Sly Fox is spending on boiler chemicals has decreased as well since their former boiler required more intensive water treatment.

"We are very happy with our Cleaver-Brooks boiler. It is reliable and runs well. There are a lot of advantages. Unlike our old boiler, there is the option of welding a tube shut in the case of a leak."

Brian O'Reilly, Brewmaster, Sly Fox Brewery

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