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The Cleaver-Brooks LVR electric hydronic boiler is an advanced, zero-emissions solution, offering nearly 100% efficiency from 90 to 540 kW. Available in three compact footprints, the LVR offers a robust carbon steel construction with 160 psig designed pressure vessel, designed with you in mind.

The ASME-compliant and (c)UL-listed LVR utilizes a modular element bundle design providing ease of replacement and built-in redundancy. Cleaver-Brooks can also provide the LVR as a skidded turnkey boiler room solution for rapid deployment.

The innovative LVR is designed with you in mind with these key features:

  1.  A SCR control providing full modulation and infinite turndown
  2. Integrated controls for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications
  3. State-of-the-art user interface with built-in power metering and limiting functions
  4. Individually replacing heating elements
  5. Intelligent load control with adjustable power limiting feature and PID loop.

Applications for the LVR Include:

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Due to a heightened awareness of environmental issues and their impact on future generations, sustainability is a key focus for most companies around the world today. The Cleaver-Brooks Sustainability brochure details environmentally responsible steps companies can take toward a low-carbon economy. The brochure identifies key drivers, a range of solutions, and equipment recommendations to guide companies in achieving their sustainability goals. 

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Leading companies are built with tomorrow in mind. That means lowering emissions, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and increasing energy efficiency in facilities today. Businesses that have bold environmental goals rely on Cleaver-Brooks. We have identified four drivers for environmental sustainability and offer multiple boiler room solutions for each. View now.

Sustainability Strategies




We offer a broad range of electric and electrode boilers, modern in design and highly energy efficient to cut costs while reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

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Renewable Fuels


We have developed innovative technologies to help companies transition their boiler and burner systems to renewable fuels such as biogas and hydrogen.

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Energy Efficiency


Cleaver-Brooks helps companies increase energy efficiency throughout their boiler system and process to eliminate energy waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Emissions Reduction


Cleaver-Brooks is the leader in developing low and ultra-low NOx burners and can help companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet regulations or goals.

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