On-Site Hydronics Training

Hands-On Training from Our Experts

This course is designed for facilities that operate boilers from our ClearFire® Family of products. It is also intended for contractors and our Manufacturer’s Rep Network that maintain or manage facilities utilizing ClearFire® boilers.

*Note* This course does require the ability to use the facility’s working ClearFire® boiler and hydronic system. We will also need to be able to take a boiler down for an annual service, the ability to generate a small load for boiler tuning.


A customized one-day course where we will cover the following topics below. In addition, we can tailor the course to the actual facility and experience level of the attendees.

  • Hydronic system identification (Primary/ Secondary vs. Primary Variable)
  • Hydronic system best practices
  • Review of the ClearFire® Manuals
  • Review of the Cleaver-Brooks wiring diagrams
  • Install best practices for ClearFire® Boilers
  • Recommendation for properly securing the boiler for annual shutdown
  • Hands-on performing of the factory recommended annual maintenance of ClearFire® boilers
  • Checking combustion
  • General recommendations for ClearFire® boiler’s semi-annual, monthly, and weekly maintenance procedures



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