Prometha® IoT Technology for Boiler Rooms Now Available Worldwide

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (November 5, 2020) – Prometha®, the first IoT solution for boiler rooms that offers real-time data analytics and system intelligence, is now available worldwide. Introduced by Cleaver-Brooks in February 2020, the solution currently enables boiler system optimization and provides insights to many healthcare, manufacturing, educational, hospitality and other facilities. Prometha is ideal for enterprise users since its data collection is automated and streamlined across different locations, shifting a user’s focus to analysis and strategy instead of report compilation.

Prometha collects a minimum of 250 data points on each monitored asset in the boiler room 10 times per minute and remotely displays key performance indicators on a dashboard that makes it easy to monitor system performance. The solution provides trend reports, actionable insights, and asset diagnostic tools to help improve a facility’s energy efficiency and profitability while also preventing or reducing unplanned downtime.

“The majority of IoT solutions in the industrial sector simply collect equipment data and make it available for viewing remotely,” explained Maxwell King, vice president of Aftermarket for Cleaver-Brooks. “Prometha leverages Cleaver-Brooks engineering expertise and its on-staff data scientists to analyze the data collected, discover leading-indicator relationships, and transform this intelligence into equipment and process insights.”

Prometha allows users to remotely monitor their boiler room from anywhere on a smart device and provides text alerts and alarms to help ensure system uptime. The dashboard displays key parameters such as firing rate, steam pressure and stack temperature and consistently shows this information for multiple boilers for comparison and reporting purposes.

Prometha’s streamlined secure access ensures a facility’s data stays safe. Information is communicated via cellular and does not require access to a user’s network. Additionally, Prometha features one-way communication making it impossible to change any boiler system setting remotely.

Incorporating Prometha into a boiler room helps lower total cost of ownership by maximizing operational efficiency, preventing or reducing unplanned downtime, and enabling predictive maintenance.

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