Critical Steps for Sustainability Success

Thomasville, Ga. (April 27, 2021)Certain systems such as boilers play a big part in climate change mitigation and sustainability success. Conducting a systemized, procedural analysis of the boiler system and process can accurately detect how the equipment is operating today and provide direction to help company ambitions become a reality.

The first step to building an effective sustainability strategy is to establish a baseline. Then a company can look at its short- and long-term goals and determine the actions and investment necessary to ensure the company achieves those goals.

A range of tools and insights are available to help companies identify both strengths and areas for improvement in waste reduction, water consumption, energy efficiency and environmental impact. Some of this information can be gathered by examining company records; however, other information may require a professional assessment.

Cleaver-Brooks offers Boiler Plant Optimization™ (BPO) options, ranging from a complimentary two- to three-hour overview to a full two-day assessment, both of which are conducted by a certified Boiler Plant Optimization Specialist. Armed with greater knowledge, a company can optimize its system performance while also achieving its sustainability goals such as decarbonization, emissions reduction, renewable fuels, energy efficiency or a combination of these.

Many companies struggle with quantifying the return on their sustainability investment, and a boiler plant optimization assessment can assist with that challenge as well. The evaluating specialist can provide different options, if applicable, with associated costs and an estimated payback. While many climate mitigation strategies require an investment, optimizing the boiler system and process can help offset some of the operating costs over time.

Today’s leading companies are actively promoting their sustainability goals and taking the necessary steps to meet them. While some are doing it to meet regulations, many forward-thinking companies view their commitment to sustainability as an enduring competitive advantage.  

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