CRB Economizer

Boiler Economizers

  • ASME “UM” stamp standard, “U” stamp or “CRN” stamp are optional
  • Stainless steel tube with alfuse aluminum fin extended surface construction
  • Bolted access door for maintenance access
  • Flanged and bolted stack transitions
  • Lower profile when compared to other models


The CRB economizer is an engineered heat recovery system designed for simple and flexible installation.


By increasing overall energy efficiency, the CRB meets the strict performance and sustainability criteria required to earn the Cleaver-Brooks Sustainability Seal.

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Stack economizers reduce fuel use and operational cost by recovering heat from the boiler flue gas as it exits the boiler. This energy is commonly used to pre-heat the boiler feedwater and increase overall thermal efficiency.

While Cleaver-Brooks has an expansive offering of engineered economizer solutions - The Model CRB was designed to provide a simplified solution for a broad spectrum of applications.

The CRB is easy to:

  • Design
  • Install
  • Operate
  • Set-up with no complex controls
  • Maintain
  • Access door for fast inspection
  • 50 – 100% make-up water requirement
  • Food processors
  • Industrial laundry facilities