Forced Circulation OSSG Boiler

Industrial Watertube Boilers

  • Assembly: Shop or Field Assembled
  • Steam Flows (lb/hr): 200,000 - 500,000
  • Construction: Membrane Wall Construction
  • Emissions (ppm NOx): <5
  • Steam Temperature: Saturated
  • Fuel: Natural Gas, #2-#6 Oil, Refinery Fuels, Alternative Fuels
  • Circulation: Forced Circulation
  • Type: FC-OSSG
  • Saturated steam
  • 200,000 to 500,000 lb/hr
  • Natural Gas, #2 - #6 oil, refinery fuels, alternative fuels
  • Design pressure up to 2,300 psig
  • Available to less than 5 ppm NOx, Ultra-Low CO


The Cleaver-Brooks Forced-Circulation Oil Sands Steam Generator (FC-OSSG) combines the benefits of a traditional D-style watertube boiler, with high steam purity and very low blowdown, and the ease of cleaning of once-through steam generators (OTSG).

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  • Highly efficient steam solutions capable of meeting strict emissions requirements
  • Increased efficiency with minimal blowdown.
  • 10:1 turndown.
  • Single-source integrated boiler/burner/control package engineered to work together.
  • Smaller footprint for reduced material cost and space savings.
  • Shipped modular for ease of installation.
  • 100% mechanically cleanable by pigging.


This large-capacity steam generator is uniquely suited for the needs of the oil sands market and is ideal for use in SAGD applications utilizing produced water.


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BYU replaced coal boilers with two O-type watertube boilers, a CBEX Elite firetube boiler and a HRSG, and pursued independence from local electrical grid.

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