Fluid Heater Boiler

Waste Heat Boilers

  • Gas Flow (lb/hr): Up to 1,000,000
  • Gas Flow Arrangement: Vertical, Horizontal, Combination
  • Application: Atmospheric or high pressure gas, heat recovery with hot oil heating
  • Duty (MMBtu/Hr): Up to 200
  • Supplemental Firing: Up to 1,700 deg F
  • Up to 200 MMBTU/hr
  • Design pressure up to 3,500 psig
  • Atmospheric or high pressure gas applications
  • Gas flow up to 1,000,000+ Ib/hr


Cleaver-Brooks fluid heaters are specifically designed for minimal fluid pressure drop, proper outlet conditions, and allowable fluid film temperatures. The fluid heater can be supplementary fired up to 1,700˚F.

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  • Optimized combination of bare and finned tubes to control film temperatures.
  • Inline or staggered tube arrangements per application.
  • Fluid circuits are properly evaluated to obtain the desired mass flow, fluid velocity and pressure drop.
  • Custom designed for high gas side pressure applications.


Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in heat and mass transfer to supply custom waste heat recovery units for turbine exhaust, process furnaces and other heat sources for water, glycol mixtures and thermal oil fluid heaters. Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) are available in vertical, horizontal or combination gas flow arrangements to conform to any space requirements. These units are specifically designed for minimum fluid pressure drop, proper outlet conditions and allowable fluid film temperatures. The fluid heater can be supplementary fired up to 1,700°F.


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