V Series

ProFire® Commercial Boiler Burners

  • Min Gas Pressure: 8.1
  • Boiler Horsepower: 31 - 400
  • Input Capacity (MBH): 1,300 - 16,800
  • Oil Input (US GPH): 9.3 - 120
  • Turndown: Up to 8:1
  • Emissions (ppm NOx): Uncontrolled, <30
  • Furnace Pressure: 0.4 - 4.3
  • Mode of Operation: Full Modulation
  • Fuel: Gas, Oil, Comb.
  • 1.3 to 16.8 MMBTU/hr
  • 31 to 400 HP
  • Gas, oil, and combination
  • Available to <30 ppm NOx


The ProFire® V series burners boast an aerodynamic air-damper design which permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency

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  • Unique air-damper design features a dual-blade configuration offering precise control of combustion air flow throughout the entire firing range
  • Cam trim option with 14-point adjustment range for consistent air/fuel ratios
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Suitable for firetube, watertube, firebox and cast iron boilers, the standard V series offers natural gas, propane gas, pressure atomized #2 oil and combination gas/oil fuel options from 1.3 to 16.8 MMBTU. The low NOx V series offers natural gas, propane gas, pressure atomized #2 oil, and combination gas/oil fuel options from 1.3 to 14.7 MMBTU. Using advanced technology, the V series offers high turndown on natural gas and low emission capability. The forced-draft design provides clean and efficient combustion. Design features also include a top- or rear-mount panel option, Induced FGR (Flue Gas Recirculation), an FGR modulating valve, and No. 2 oil capability for backup fuel.


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