BoilerMate® Deaerator

Boiler Deaerator Systems

  • Packed column deaerator
  • 1,500 - 135,000 lbs/hr
  • On/off and variable speed pumping


The BoilerMate® deaerator is a pressurized packed column design where water is cascaded through a unique column design removing dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water and eliminating carbon dioxide. Flash steam from high temperature condensate return assists in deaeration improving the overall system efficiency.

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  • Trouble free deaeration system
  • Self-cleaning water spray valve
  • Removable water spray inlet assembly
  • Pressurized tank reduces flashing and minimal venting
  • On/off or variable speed pumping
  • Storage capacities from 10 to 30 minutes


The BoilerMate deaerator package includes a packed column deaeration vessel and storage tank mounted on a stand with all operating controls, feed pumps assembled and piped (typically knocked down for shipment and field assembly). The BoilerMate deaerator is a trouble-free design where water is cascaded across large surface area packing material in the upper vessel. Steam is introduced to help drive off oxygen in the make-up water and condition it for delivery to the boiler. All of Cleaver-Brooks deaerators can be equipped with a wide range of options from basic manual controls up through full advanced digital operation depending on the needs of the system. Equip your Deaerator with the ADAC control system to provide the most advanced operation of your feed systems.


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