Model LVR Electric Hydronic Boiler

Electric & Electrode Boilers

  • Electrical Hydronic Boiler
  • 90 to 540 kW, up to 335 – 1850 MBTu
  • 480 – 600V
  • 160 psig
  • Zero-emissions

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Cleaver-Brooks electric boilers use electricity as an energy source for zero carbon footprint and zero site emissions, ideal for meeting emissions reduction or decarbonization goals. Electric boilers are also nearly 100% efficient, meaning all energy delivered to them is converted to steam or hot water.

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  • Applications
  • Compact design and smaller footprint
  • No site emissions
  • Quiet operation with virtually no noise emissions
  • Nearly 100% efficiency at all operating points
  • Ease of maintenace with reduced complexity/number of moving parts
  • All units are fully packaged and ready for installation


The LVR Electric Hydronic boiler, an advanced compact zero-emissions solution, offering nearly 100% efficiency from 90 to 540 kW.

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Electric and Electrode boilers are effective at providing space and process heating while being 100% emissions free and highly efficient at all operating points.

  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Government
  • Bacterial Digester Pools
  • Swimming Pool
  • Thermal Storage
  • Building Heat
  • Supplemental Heat for Heat Pumps