SCADA Systems

Boiler Monitoring

  • Monitor and log data from up to 8 Hawk equipped boilers, Master Panel and ADAC Systems
  • Based on Rockwell Automation Factory Talk SE software
  • Generates reports required by EPA Area Source Rule
  • Shows several boiler displays, trending, alarms, and run data
  • Preloaded and configured specifically for your installation on a Dell PC


Stand-alone computer based monitoring solution provides high-level supervisory management by communicating directly with Cleaver-Brooks PLC based equipment controls to manage a complete system. Custom programming allows this to be a highly valuable solution for complex projects.

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  • Remote monitoring on a pre-configured PC
  • Data logged to Sequel Database
  • Reports for fuel use and runtime hours per fuel for shift, day, week, month and year available
  • Developed using Rockwell Automation Factory Talk SE software
  • Custom applications available
  • Collects raw data required for EPA Area Source Rule and generates reports
  • Alarms generated in Hawk systems are displayed and kept in history separate from Hawk system
  • Configurable IP address to integrate with customer's network


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a computer based control system that utilizes Rockwell Factory Talk SE software. Cleaver-Brooks has been providing custom SCADA solutions for more than 20 years and has the in-house expertise to implement even the most complex systems.

The stand-alone computer based monitoring solution utilizes a PC to centrally locate and collect all operational data and store them on a Sequel database to allow for trending and management of your boiler plant operation. With the ability to connect to additional boiler room devices, such as flow meters and temperature sensors, the SCADA system can be custom programmed to handle the most challenging system needs.

The system connects to up to 8 Hawk equipped boilers, master panel and ADAC systems on the same Ethernet network and pulls data in from each. The system replicates the boiler overview display, Burner Management display, trends, boiler user analog inputs and run data. Allows user to write to a Master Panel to set lead lag sequence, on-off points and system header set point.


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